Been making music since the mid-90s. i was into triphop/d'n'b/rave back then and i used to spend hours cutting up little samples and putting them back together in the wrong order..


then i got into chillout and ambient electronica but i really struggled making sample based music like that and i pretty much gave up for a few years until i got more into blues/post rock/noise and got a thing called a guitar which coupled with heaps of fx made a great noise! who knew! from there i got more and more into cassette drone and became addicted to ambient hiss..


I've kind of gone full circle now doing a lot of post processing on samples but you'll hear a lot of my instruments in there too (kalimba, glockenspiel, 12 string/semiacoustic/bass guitar, electric piano, appalachian dulcimer, harmonica) well somewhere in the dirge.. Now though my music's a lot more conceptual - the improvisations are influenced by the psychotherapeutic notion of presence, as well as the 'yes, and' perspective from comedy improv - being in the moment with the music and going wherever it leads.